Wednesday, August 24, 2011

blaster warriors in raiders over venoms?

First of all I want to make it clear that I am not disapproving the venom + warriors combo. Duality is always a good thing but what has come to my attention is that venoms require a mass amount of them too be efficient which is not hard at all, but at low point games (1500 and under) they become less reliable at taking out squads.

And what I tend to do with venoms is let them get the benefit of their 36 inch range and sit in my backfield in pairs and just blast infantry, when you need the blaster up close to work. This is where i decided to switch to raiders, the extra lance proves to be valuable instead of relying on the one-shot blasters in the venoms and since you'll be moving into midfield with them, you have the option of shock prows available to tank-shock annoying infantry off objectives or into the open, giving you more board control. although I don't have them in my list, I have the beast squads in charge of that.

Another thing to mention is that losing venoms will put a dent in your anti-infantry but you can easily make up for that in assault units or razorwings.   

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