Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crystal targeting matrix: anti-flyer?

DISCLAIMER: this is probably going to get FAQ'd.

 So with the key phrase being "full ballistic skill" , following RAW we can move tanks flat out and shoot flyers as if we have skyfire.

Applications can be a fire prism's str9 shot, a falcon's pulse laser or a waveserpent's shield. Does this solve the anti-air issues of eldar? Not really, at 25 points and "one use only" it's not exactly the most reliable investment.



  1. Sounds like "power of machine spirit" word is as almost identical.

  2. I don't see how this gets around the requirement of snapshots at fliers.

    Any other model fires weapons at full ballistic skill all the time...unless the target they're shooting at requires snapshots (ie zooming fliers). How is this any different?

    Is that REALLY how you think it's intended to be used? If you think the FAQ would say otherwise, then why would you even consider doing it?

    1. I'm sorry, where in the post did you get that I was planning on playing things this way? Ofcourse it wasn't intended this way, just pointing out a different way of interpreting the text from the codex.

      But anyways it seems that this kind of wording isn't anything new with GW.