Sunday, October 28, 2012

Destroyer Lord conversion - completed

Gave this guy a wraiths body, I didn't like how the original model looks when joined to a wraith squad, this has more synergy. Tried to give him an old aged hunch-back look like Trazyn, for a bit more character. Made with bits from lychguard/praetorian set.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Necrons 1250pt army list.

With a tournament finally announced for November  I decided to run a necron flyer list that had some significant ground presence. Here's what I came up with:

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Necrons, the quick and dirty project.

With the loot I got from the last tournament with DE, I got some Necrons, and with 6th I thought of getting some flyers and get them built for the next tournament in November.

The crons were going to be the my first air brushed models, wasn't going for anything even slightly complex just base coat them and try to master getting the right consistency. There we're times where I wanted to just smash the thing and others where I absolutely loved it.

The colours I chose we're just what in my opinion go nicely together. I've always liked the look of tarnished copper, and wanted to try out purple for the first time. So the whole project is a trial and error of new techniques.

Anyways here are the models:

These are 8 ot of 15 done

Friday, September 14, 2012

Painting update (Scourges, new GW paints...)

I was painting my scourges up, and as I got to the feathers I produced this horribly flat look using the same method I paint blue on the rest of the army. It just doesn't seem to work on larger areas. 

Which lead me to buying the new GW line of paints, it was going to happen inevitably, anyways I'm not going to give an in depth review of it, but it really wasn't that bad. The base paint was pretty thin for a base but the colours are much more vibrant now compared to their previous foundation counterparts, but that's usually not what I'm looking for in a base layer. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eldar in 6th.

Recently I've played a game with them to see how they're doing and to try out the harlie star, which proved to be nasty. Played against Necrons where str6 spam means nothing to their vehicles. it wasn't an optimized list that I was facing and had a mix of a lot of units. It still managed to hurt me, and ended up with a draw/lose (unsettled game as time was running out). 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rumors of Chaos

And the first 6th ed. codex goes too....*drum roll*

Chaos Space Marines!

release date of september 8th.

from some real reliable sources (still rumors though)
Rules round-up:

what this means to me? let's just say CHANGE is coming.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Workspace

It's usually messier than this..

Recently I've watched a video from Awesome Paint Job of Les showcasing his desk set up. Got me thinking of my own setup and thought I'd post it up. Now I'm not a brilliant painter, I put gaming ahead of it but I do like to have a fully painted army on the board. 

I only use the basic equipment necessary to get the job done hence the basic setup I've got. The actual board where I do all my work on, I got built based on the old GW painting station with a few changes here and there. I've got glue and green stuff on the top left, files and clippers on the top right, A goblet of dirty water and paints all over the place. This isn't the whole thing but the main station where all the magic happens.

I like to keep things as compact as they can get, that's why I use this tray setup where when I need the space on the desk, I can just lift it on to A shelf above. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Updated 1500 DE 6th ed list.

Needs some freehand
With the dawn of 6th, the dark kin suffered some massive blows by the nerf bat. These have taken the form of disembarking rules, reduced cover saves, reduced feel-no-pain, useless allies. We've gotten some nice cookies with the jink rules and night fighting but Dark eldar still suffer from one massive weakness, useless troops.

Wyches will die if looked at funny in 6th as overwatch and blown up vehicles will decimate squads before they even reach the fight. I've grown tired of relying on 1 blaster warrior squads in venoms.

I became happy with my changes in eilte, fast attack and heavy but spent days tinkering with my troop selection to get something i liked and contribute some how with the rest of my forces and eventually settled down with this:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baron Sathonyx conversion - complete

Using parts from the hellion kit and a Harlequin troupe master. I always wanted to field Harlequins in my army, so here's an excuse to do so. The pose isn't quite as dramatic or dynamic as I wanted it to be but I do like the 'Peek-a-Boo' expression on his face.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

First 6th ed. Battle report

Dark Eldar:

Archon, agonizer, phantasm GL, shadowfield, haywire

5x Trueborm, 2x Lances, venom

5x warriors, blaster, venom
5x warriors, blaster, venom
5x warriors, blaster, venom
8x Wyches, haywire, raider

3xBeastmasters, 4x kymera, 4x razerwings
3xBeastmasters, 4x kymera, 4x razerwings

Ravager, lances
Ravager, lances
Razerwing jetfighter, Flickerfields

Space Wolves: (from memory)

Rune priest, Chooser, living lightning, Jaws
Rune priest, rune master, rulebook powers

2x wolfguard, power swords (Grey hunters)
1x wolfguard, powerfist (Scouts)
1x wolfguard, terminater armor, cyclone missile launcher (long fangs)

6x Wolf scouts, melta gun, melta bombs

8xGrey hunters, wulfen, banner, power sword, rhino
8xGrey hunters, wulfen, banner, power sword, rhino
6xGrey hunters, melta gun, Lascannon razorback

5x  long fangs, Missile launchers
5x long fangs, Heavy bolters, Lascannon razorback

1500 points

Deployment is dawn of war (which is the new pitched battle)

Dark Eldar deplyoment:

space wolves deployment:

DE get the roll to go first.

mission is the emporer's will (one objective in each table half)

we rolled on our warlord traits and space wolves get night attacker (I wanted that) and I get strategic genius (he wanted that :P) SW also switches the powers of one of his runepriests to the Divination psychic powers, where he gets prescience (re-rolls all failed to hit) then decides that night fighting is not on. (a mistake we made thinking that night attacker allows you to decide, but actually only allows you ro decide that it is on or roll for it)

he then rolls to sieze the initiative and...

SW turn 1: The two rhinos move up one 12 inches, and the other with the lightning priest only 6 so he can fire with full BS.

Living lightning get 6 shots on my exposed wych raider and blows it up. Taking out 5 wyches in the blast! A lascannon shot takes out a weapon from a venom and thus removing a hull point too. Missile fangs splits shots between two ravagers blowing one up. Bolter fangs also split between the depleted wych squad and the right beast squad.

The archon from the wych squad passes all the saves thanks to the new wound allocation rules and his shadowfield while I lose a couple of kymera from the beasts.

DE Turn1: He caught me exposed and got a strong start. On my turn I move the beasts up and move my ravager into cover behind the venoms while the venoms move forward pointing at the missile fangs in the ruins.

One of my blaster warriors shoots the nearest rhino and blows it up! killing a hunter with it. while the ravage shoots the other rhino and wrecks it (Go new ap2 rules!). trueborn completely miss, but My venoms manage to wipe out the missile fangs in the ruins.

 the left beastmaster squad manages to charge the closest grey hunters, they lose 2 kymera from overwatch and fail in assault and only kill off one model, they suffer more wounds back thanks to counter assault and barely make the pass to stay in combat.

SW Turn 2: Wolf scouts fail to come in from reserve, wolf priest casts prescience on to the grey hunters in combat while other hunter squad move up to face the right beast squad.

Heavy bolters continue to stack wounds on my beastmaster squad and greyhunters shoot their pistols onto them as well. lascannon shots blow up one of my venoms killing two warriors in the explosion, and takes off another hull point from the venoms.

grey hunters assault the right beast squad, but combat goes better for me this time and four hunters die but combat is a draw as four wounds are applied to me as well. the left combat sees the beast squad failing morale and running 5''.

DE Turn 2: I succeed in bringing in my flyer thanks to my warlord trait allowing me to re-roll. The rest of my vehicles move forward to take this opportunity and push back the wolves.

The razorwing shoots two of his missiles on to the heavy blolter fangs reducing the unit to 2. lances blow up the empty left razorback and venoms along with warriors finish off the unengaged grey hunters as well as the last of the long fangs.

my archon and his three wyches charge into the right combat and the archon challenges the runepriest (warlord) in combat, the challenge is accepted and the archon cuts him down, the beasts + wyches finnish off the rest of the hunters.
At this point all the space wolves have left is the razorback with 6 hunters and the scouts in reserve.

SW turn 3: unfortunately he fails to bring in his scouts again! He proceeds to shoot my flyer with his lascannon needing sixes and misses.

DE turn 3: Ravager blows up razorback and his 6 troops got shot down. although his scouts are in reserve the new rules state you lose if there is nothing on the board.

Massacare for the Dark Eldar!