Saturday, August 4, 2012

Updated 1500 DE 6th ed list.

Needs some freehand
With the dawn of 6th, the dark kin suffered some massive blows by the nerf bat. These have taken the form of disembarking rules, reduced cover saves, reduced feel-no-pain, useless allies. We've gotten some nice cookies with the jink rules and night fighting but Dark eldar still suffer from one massive weakness, useless troops.

Wyches will die if looked at funny in 6th as overwatch and blown up vehicles will decimate squads before they even reach the fight. I've grown tired of relying on 1 blaster warrior squads in venoms.

I became happy with my changes in eilte, fast attack and heavy but spent days tinkering with my troop selection to get something i liked and contribute some how with the rest of my forces and eventually settled down with this:

Baron sathonyx - 105
haemonculus, venom blade - 55

4x trueborn, 2x lances - 98  
4x trueborn, 2x lances, venom - 163

3x wracks, venom - 95
3x wracks, venom - 95
3x wracks, venom - 95
9x warriors, raider, splinter racks - 151

5x Scourges, 2x haywire - 130
3x Beastmasters, 5x kymera, 4x razorwing - 156

ravager, lances - 105
ravager, lances - 105

Razorwing jetfighter - 145           

Wracks are for cheap access to venoms and last minute objective grabbing and the warriors I wasn't happy with until my last game with tyranids where they were suprisingly good at grounding flying MCs.  

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