Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Workspace

It's usually messier than this..

Recently I've watched a video from Awesome Paint Job of Les showcasing his desk set up. Got me thinking of my own setup and thought I'd post it up. Now I'm not a brilliant painter, I put gaming ahead of it but I do like to have a fully painted army on the board. 

I only use the basic equipment necessary to get the job done hence the basic setup I've got. The actual board where I do all my work on, I got built based on the old GW painting station with a few changes here and there. I've got glue and green stuff on the top left, files and clippers on the top right, A goblet of dirty water and paints all over the place. This isn't the whole thing but the main station where all the magic happens.

I like to keep things as compact as they can get, that's why I use this tray setup where when I need the space on the desk, I can just lift it on to A shelf above. 

Another thing to mention is most important ingredient, a source of entertainment. I do like painting and it can be very calming, but dear god it gets boring after painting the same colour scheme over and over. here's my solution, old films, music, youtube, etc.

Anyways check out the APJ video, really helpful as I'll be doing some changes, adding and/or removing things to get things going a bit more efficiently.  

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