Saturday, October 6, 2012

Necrons, the quick and dirty project.

With the loot I got from the last tournament with DE, I got some Necrons, and with 6th I thought of getting some flyers and get them built for the next tournament in November.

The crons were going to be the my first air brushed models, wasn't going for anything even slightly complex just base coat them and try to master getting the right consistency. There we're times where I wanted to just smash the thing and others where I absolutely loved it.

The colours I chose we're just what in my opinion go nicely together. I've always liked the look of tarnished copper, and wanted to try out purple for the first time. So the whole project is a trial and error of new techniques.

Anyways here are the models:

These are 8 ot of 15 done

yes I'll get to that missing head eventually

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