Monday, October 8, 2012

Necrons 1250pt army list.

With a tournament finally announced for November  I decided to run a necron flyer list that had some significant ground presence. Here's what I came up with:

Destroyer Lord, weave, mind scarabs - 160

5x Warriors, Night Scythe - 165
5x Warriors, Night Scythe - 165 
5x Warriors, Night Scythe - 165
8x Immortals - 136

7x Scarabs - 105
5x Wraiths - 175

Doom Scythe - 175


Something to note is that I wrote this up before the FAQs came out and stopped the wound allocation nonsense that I was going to abuse with the wraiths, now you're limited to spreading wounds over the lord and 1 wraith. still hurt on the charge but i just need be a bit more surgical with them.

At only 1250 having 4 flyers can be devastating, while a squad of immortals, scarabs and wraiths are nothing to laugh at. I'm anticipating some really successful results, play testing should be soon.

immortals guard the home objective while scarabs speed bumb anything coming at them, and suicide into the occasional heavy tank at this point level. the thing I'm worried about though is that we could be playing on 4X4'' tables which could be an issue with flyers. I'll try and see i guess. 

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