Friday, September 14, 2012

Painting update (Scourges, new GW paints...)

I was painting my scourges up, and as I got to the feathers I produced this horribly flat look using the same method I paint blue on the rest of the army. It just doesn't seem to work on larger areas. 

Which lead me to buying the new GW line of paints, it was going to happen inevitably, anyways I'm not going to give an in depth review of it, but it really wasn't that bad. The base paint was pretty thin for a base but the colours are much more vibrant now compared to their previous foundation counterparts, but that's usually not what I'm looking for in a base layer. 

The layers worked fine and dandy when  dry brushing but when normally applying them some of the lighter tones we're just frustratingly thin and had  weird consistency's to them. The shades and glazes I was happy with, plus the more variation now is awesome.   

I'm sure they can be improved in a number of ways. but for now I'm happy with looking at them from across the table. So with scourges almost done that doesn't leave much left to be painted for my 1500 pt force :
3x beastmasters
4x wracks
1x razorwing jetfighter
1x warrior :P

and I'm done, well alot of touch ups will be made here and there too.
In my frustration with the feathers, I moved on to my necrons that I obtained through loot from my previous RTT, this was the first time I worked with an airbrush and I really enjoyed it. Looks like I'll need to change the blog name cause I've got an army list that I really wanna try out with my quick and dirty necron project, more on this in the future, here's a sneak peek: 


  1. Your models look really good. I too noticed some odd consistency issues with the new Citadel paints. For me some of them were more like a gel than an acrylic paint, but after awhile I was able to adjust and learn how to thin them down to a consistency akin to how the old Citadel paints would thin down.

    1. Thanks oni, ya I'll get used to 'em eventually.