Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6th Edition Eldar: The Solitaire

Upon reading the codex, this build just leapt out to me whilst thinking of how to get the most out of the mantle of the laughing god. Naturally whatever has this wargear needs constant access to cover for that survivability of re-rolling cover saves + Stealth & shrouding, easy fix, a Jetbike!

Autarch - 135
Mantle, Jetbike, Laser lance

Here you have a constant re-rollable 2+ cover save, making you virtually invincible vs shooting. if for whatever reason your cover save fails, you've got a 3+ armor save and if that fails, a 4++. survivabilty wont be an issue especially when considering the tiny footprint that he leaves coupled with the extreme mobility. Just make sure not to overreach with this guy against dedicated assault units, powerfists still hurt.

This guy isnt meant to take on and slaughter huge units, but is a cheap harassment unit that is hard to ignore with 5 str6 ap3 on the charge and can tap out of combat with hit and run, he's here to turbo-boost on to the backfield and assault the likes of devastators or take out the commonly seen isolated backfield scoring units. On top of that he provides reserves manipulation as an autarch, this can be crucial for our flimsy fliers (more on this to come).

A final thing to note is that you can ofcourse give him a power axe to deal with 2+ threats like broadsides, but honestly tar-pitting them is more than enough for me. The most I would do is to add a fusion gun to throw out some well placed shots at transports. That's a lot of utility out of an HQ choice for relatively cheap, but what really makes me buy this build is that it looks like a hell of a lot of fun to play with!        

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  1. Clever. I don't have the new Dex, but this is a very clever build. Can't wait to see what crops up next out of the dex delving that is sure to be going on for months to come.